From Oral to Folk Art-New Identity after Reformation of Patua Scroll Painting of Bengal

Ishrat Jahan


Oral tradition is always considered as the mode of instruction. Oral communication unites people in groups. In the earliest human society, human lived, people created stories, sometimes to entertain themselves, sometimes to educate others, and for several other purposes. Before the introduction of the writing system, such stories were transmitted orally from generation to generation. In this modernized world, on one hand we are detaching from our rooted cultures while on other, there are few communities or group of people who are engaged to revive it. For instance, Patua, a kind of storytelling tradition of Bengal, India but through pictures/paintings, to impart knowledge religious, philosophical or making awareness related to education/ environmental issues. Gurusaday Dutt revived this form after a lot of efforts. After revival, this Patua tradition is remained as a folk art.
Keywords: Oral tradition; Patua scroll painting; Communities; Gurusaday Dutt; Revival; and Folk art etc

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