Politics Of Racism, Genocide And Ethnic Cleansing In Libya: A Study Of Tawergha

Amon Rimamtanung Stephen


The Town of Tawergha was used as a staging ground by “Gaddafi” forces to launch attacks on the Town of   Misrata, Libya's third largest city. After rebels broke the siege of Misrata and overran Tawergha, the Town with about 40,000 populations the residents fled or were driven out by the rebels.  The Tarwergans were accused of crimes including murder, rape and sexual torture against the people of Misrata. Scores were held in prisons under militia’s command in Misrata and Tripoli, where human rights groups recorded cases of torture and right abuses. The forced displacement of about 40,000 people, who were under arbitrary detentions, torture, killings are widespread, systematic, and sufficiently organized to be crimes against humanity. The Successive governments in Tripoli and local authorities in Misrata have failed to stop the ongoing persecution of an entire community and the destruction of the Town inhabited by black Africans descendant.  The aims of this paper is to look at how the reprisal attacks  by the Misrata rebels  in Libya against the people of Tawergha resulted into genocide and ethnic cleansing which is term  a crime against humanity by the United nations convention and which is punishable under the international law.

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