Fast Detection Of Short Circuit Current In Pv Distributed Generator With Incremental Conductance Technique

D. Chandrashekar, B. Saritha, K. Srinivas


In this paper, the PV-STATCOM is used to stabilize a critical induction motor load in the vicinity of the solar farm, which would have otherwise become unstable due to the grid fault. A new fast technique in which the slope of a PV inverter current is utilized to predict if the current is expected to exceed its rated value due to any grid faults is proposed in this paper. The objective was to prevent the loss of opportunity to integrate more PV based renewable generation. In this paper we use the IC technique, it is used to track the maximum power point of the PV source. In incremental conductance method the array terminal voltage is always adjusted according to the MPP voltage it is based on the incremental and instantaneous conductance of the PV module. Two applications of this technique are demonstrated. In jurisdictions where grid codes require DGs to disconnect after a fault occurrence, such as in Ontario, Canada, this technique is utilized to rapidly disconnect the PV solar system even before the inverter short circuit current actually exceeds the rated current of the inverter thereby obviating the problem of any adverse short circuit current contribution into the grid. By using the simulation results we can demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique with incremental conductance algorithm .

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