Internet Things Technology Based Health Monitoring System

Anitha Banoth


Medical Carelessness at right time is the reason why many of the people are suffering from unpredictable death. To overcome this vital problem, we are developing a system, as because Now a day’s healthcare is the most important aspect in human life in many countries. Our system carries hardware kit and Android application, the heart rate, temperature of body,  are sensed by the sensor in hardware kit. The System based on IOT is used for remotely accessing data. In order to access the data globally, IOT used to keep all updated information on web pages’ time to time and stored data on clouds. There is an Android based application that can access data from server through Wi-Fi to let us view the sensed data. If any of the abnormalities are found those must be fixed, so it will send message to patient and respective doctor. The present situation of patient and his location via GPS to provide urgent medical help. Will be present in the message with respect to message important information to server which will plot the graph of information will be sent so that doctor will be able to view it using URL. There is another facility included which is telemedicine system is this patient can submit symptoms to the server and can get disease name and send prescription. The main moto of designing this system is to monitor patients in hospital as well as patient at home. And it is also helpful as well as suitable for the healthcare centers in villages and rural areas where medical facilities are not available in good extent.

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