Design and Implementation of Multiple Wireless Notice Board

Kakarala Ashok, Y Sreeja


The project purposes in designing a digital notice board with display on LCD using a GSM modem. We can access the information directly on two receiver sections using wireless zigbee communication from GSM modem. We can implement this technology in schools, colleges, banks etc.After accessing every message it automatically resets and it displays the latest message on LCD display units at receiver sections.In this project we make use of three sections, one transmitter and two receiver sections. The transmitter section is interfaced with GSM modem, Zigbee module and LCD. User can send the SMS messages to the modem that is connected to the Microcontroller based control system. The microcontroller automatically reads the message that is stored in SIM card and sends the message to that particular receiver section mentioned in the message using wireless zigbee communication modules. This process continues for every new message we send to it. The previous message will be automatically overridden by new message. The transmitter section is interfaced with ARM-7 LPC2148 microcontroller and thetwo receiver sections are interfaced with PIC microcontrollers with zigbee as wirelesscommunication medium.

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