CO-GPS: Energy Efficient GPS Sensing Parameters MonitoringUsing Raspberry PI-3

V Chennaiah, S Rajitha


This paper proposes an advanced system for process management via a credit card sized single board computer called raspberry pi based multi parameter monitoring hardware system designed using  that measures and controls various global parameters. The system comprises of a single master and slave with wireless  mode  of  communication  and  a  raspberry  pi  system  that  can  either  operate  on windows  or Linux  operating  system.  The  parameters  that  can  be  tracked  are  temperature  &  light intensity. The master board use raspberry Pi, LM35 & LDR Sensors, GPS and GSM modules.  We  can  monitor  the  data  through  Personal  computer,  display  device  (16x2  LCD)  and simultaneously we will SMS alerts when the parameter readings exceed the limit.It transmits the information of the sensor modules to the intermediates station with GSM interface, like the focus of, gas and temperture (MQ2 and LM35) sensor. And most of the collected information will be passed back again to the server (IOT) through WSN (GSM and GPS). Therefore, the ideal aspects of indoor atmosphere might be modified and controlled nicely with proper air quality, like temperture, etc. It will regulate a far more comfortable surroundings of a particular location and then made a more efficient energy saving system. With this particular safety-critical area monitoring program we are going to have much more practical significance as well as application worth in enhancing the greater living environment. Modern protection crucial places monitoring system must offer real-time monitoring of setting for individuals to enhance safety and lifetime.

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