Robust Data De-duplication Security in Fog Computing

Mr Deepika, Kavita Rathi


The Fog computing over the cloud data storage provides numerous benefits to their clients such as cost savings, accessibility, scalability etc., users around the world tend to shift their invaluable data to cloud storage. As the data generation rates are increasing, it is a tedious task for cloud storage providers to provide efficient storage. Cloud storage providers uses different techniques to improve storage efficiency and one of leading technique employed by them is deduplication, which claims to be saving 90 to 95% of storage,. Data Deduplication technique evolved as an simple storage optimization technique in secondary then widely adapted in primary storage as well as larger storage areas like cloud storage area. Now, data deduplication is widely used by various cloud storage providers. Data once deployed to cloud servers, its beyond the security premises of the data owner, thus most of them prefer to outsource their in an encrypted format.In this paper we provide review of various data deduplication techniques used for fog computing. We also propose hybrid approach for encryption for providing security on fog computing.

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