A Smooth Strategy for Voltage Control Ancillary Service for Smart Distribution Networks

Mahesh Jonnala, Mahesh Thati


With large-scale plans to assimilate renewable generation driven mainly by state-level renewableselection requirements, more resources will be needed to recompense for the uncertainty and variabilityassociated with intermittent generation resources.The proposed control allows reducing the whole reactivepower injection/absorption, maximizing, at the same time, theactive power production.Thispaper proposes a coordinated local control approach that allowsdistribution system operator (DSO) and independent powerproducers (IPPs) to obtain benefits offering the voltage regulation ancillary service to DSO and maximizing allowable activepower production for each RES unit belonging to the same IPP.The control is based on a cooperation of data transfer betweenDSO and IPPs. In order to realize such cooperation, a nonlinearconstrained optimization problem is formulated and solved bysequential quadratic programming (SQP) method.

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