Fuzzy Logic Control Of Mosfet Inverter Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System

D. Narasimhulu, Er. P. Pedda Reddy


Proposes a cost effective solar power generation in grid arrangement in a   resourceful approach. The photovoltaic systems consist of two converter stations between PV array and to the utility. It composed of transformer less inverter controlled by the fuzzy logic controller. The power generated from the solar panel improved by the boost converter that are connected next to the solar panel. For the transfer of DC to AC, the power generated from the solar panel DC and that are converted to AC by means of single phase inverter which generate AC output. However, the MOSFETs are limited to use in transformer less PV inverter due to the low reverse recovery characteristics of the body diode. In this paper, a family of new transformer less PV inverter topology for single-phase grid-tied operation is proposed using super-junction MOSFETs and Sic diodes as no reverse recovery issues are required for the main power switches for unity power operation. The added clamping branch clamps the freewheeling voltage at the half of dc input voltage during the freewheeling period. Results showed a low current distortion at output.

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