Advantage of High Strength Concrete in High Rise Buildings

Tatikonda. Prudhvi, CH. Ravi


The Advantage of High-Strength Concrete (HSC) in High-Rise Buildings: From Area Saving Aspect In recent years, the shortage and value of land in terms of cost and asset has increased the need to use land effectively and efficiently. This is more significant in High-Rise multi story buildings where small unusable dimension from each floor will accumulate and add up to huge loss of usable area. Based on this study, it has been concluded that, the area saved while using HSC to NSC columns and shear walls is more significant as the height of the building increases. The % decrease in concrete is higher, % decrease in reinforcement is lower and the total % decrease in cost is lower. Thus the higher the building, the amount of area and concrete saved is significant thus allowing the user to have more usable floor area leading to an economical use of land.

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