Design and Implementation of High Speed Multiplier in DSP Applications Using Mesochronous Pipelining In FPGA

Polagoni Srinivas, Banothu Satyanarayana, Kotra.Raghu Rajith


A novel mesochronous pipelining scheme is described in this paper. In this scheme, data and clock travel together. At any given time a pipeline stage could be operating on more than one data wave. The clock period in the proposed pipeline scheme is determined by the pipeline stage with largest difference between its minimum and maximum delays. This is a significant performance gain compared to conventional pipeline scheme where clock period is determined by the stage with the largest delay. Also, the number of pipeline stages and pipeline registers is small. The clock distribution scheme is simple in the mesochronous pipeline architecture. An 8-bit Wallace tree multiplier has been implemented in mesochronous pipeline architecture using modest TSMC 180-nm (drawn length 200 nm) CMOS technology. The multiplier architecture and simulation results are described in detail in this paper.

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