Prospects of Wind Energy in Jammu and Kashmir

Ummar Ahad


Jammu and Kashmir is one of the energy starving states despite of having tremendous potential for utilization of green energy. The natural energy sources like sunshine, wind, water flow, biomass and other biological wastes are abundantly available in the region yet are not being fully harnessed resulting in very low per capita energy availability compelling people to use conventional sources of energy resulting into deforestation and pollution. Wind energy is one the most important renewable resource of energy. It is distinguished for beingpollution free source. The state of Jammu and Kashmir experience good wind energy potential. The main setback in the use of wind energy in J&K is the extreme climatic conditions especially during winters. To cater these phenomena, several techniques are now being invented, making wind turbines possible even in cold regions. This article throws light on the prospects of wind energy in Jammu and Kashmir and also the technological advances that could be implemented in the field.

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