Thermal analysis on heat exchanger tubes with varying various materials

P. Shiva Krishnam


In this paper, a simplified model for the study of thermal analysis of shell-and tubes heat exchangers.this can be designed for high pressures relative to environment and high-pressure differences between the fluids One fluid runs through the tubes, and another fluid flows over the tubes (through the shell) to transfer heat between the two tubes. The set of tubes is called a tube bundle.

An attempt is made in this paper is for the Design of shell and tube heat exchangers by modelling in CATIA V5 by taking the proper dimensions and Shell material as zirconium, alloys steel.  Tube material as copper alloy Cu 65.0, nickel alloys. This material is good corrosion resistance and good thermal behaviour. By using ANSYS software the thermal analysis of Shell and Tube heat exchangers is carried out by varying the Tube materials. Comparison is made between the results, ANSYS. With the help of the available numerical results, Analysis has been carried out for this material and on the basis of results made which one give the best heat transfer rates. The model design of Shell vessel and Tube heat exchangers can be altered for better efficiency with the help of catia.

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