Harmonic Interaction of Grid connected Renewable Energy System with Fuzzy Logic controller

M. Sindhu, M. Shankar


In this paper FFT analysis of Grid connected Renewable system is presented. The increased power demand, the depletion of the fossil fuel resources and the growth of the environmental pollution has led the world to think seriously of other alternative sources of energy. So renewable energy resources (RES) are being connected to the distribution systems, mostly done by using power electronic converters. This  paper  deals  with  system  integration  and  fuzzy  logic  based  controller  design  for  power  management  of  a  grid connected renewable  energy source (RES). Due to the large use of power electronic devices, disturbances occur on the electrical supply network. These disturbances are due to non-linear devices. These will produce harmonics in the power system thereby causing equipment overheating, damage devices, EMI related problems etc. Active Power Filters (APF) is used to compensate the current harmonics and load unbalance. The proposed system consists of RES connected to the dc link of a grid-interfacing inverter. In this both load are connected that is non-linear load as well as unbalance load at distribution. Power electronic devices produces the unwanted harmonics to reduce this shunt active power filter is used. This new control concept is demonstrated with extensive MATLAB/Simulink .Finally the proposed scheme is implemented using conventional DC link controller and intelligence controller by using MATLAB/SIMULATION software to improve the power quality and the results are verified. This new control concept is demonstrated with extensive MATLAB/Simulink. Finally the proposed scheme is implemented using conventional PI controller and intelligence fuzzy controller.

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