Programmable Generator Producing Virtual Arbitrary Test Patterns

Ch. Bhavani, G Lakshmi


The suggested hybrid plan efficiently combines test compression with LBIST, where both techniques could work synergistically to provide top quality tests. It is composed of a straight line finite condition machine driving a suitable phase shifter, and it arrives with numerous features permitting this product to create binary sequences with preselected toggling (PRESTO) activity. We introduce a means to instantly select several controls from the generator offering simple and easy, precise tuning. This paper describes a minimal-power (LP) generator able to creating pseudorandom test designs with preferred toggling levels that has been enhanced fault coverage gradient in comparison using the best-to-date built-in self-test (BIST)-based pseudorandom test pattern machines. Exactly the same strategy is subsequently used to deterministically advice the generator toward test sequences with enhanced fault-coverage-to pattern-count ratios. In addition, this paper proposes an LP test compression way in which enables shaping the exam power envelope inside a fully foreseeable, accurate, and versatile fashion by adapting the PRESTO-based logic BIST (LBIST) infrastructure. Experimental results acquired for industrial designs illustrate the practicality from the suggested test schemes and therefore are reported herein.

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