Point Of Sale For Secure Off Line Micro-Payment Scheme

M. MadhuSudhan, P. Gangadhara


Online shopping payment scheme is one of the popular in recent years. During payment process the attackersaim to stealing the customer data by targeting the Point of Sale (PoS) systemi.e. the point at which the vendor handle the customers data.Modern POS systems having specialized software inbuilt in card reader. Often user devices are external input to the POS. In these concepts, malware steal the card data should read by device has  proliferated.  Like  this  situation,  connection  between  customer  and  vendor  being  intermediately stopped and there secure on-line payment is not possible. This projects providing FRODO concepts for a secure  off-line  micro-payment  is  flexible  to  POS  data  breaches.  Our  solution  includes  flexibility  and security. Still,  FRODO is  the first solution  that  can  provide  fully  secure  off-line  payments  while being flexible to all currently known POS failures. In certain, it include FRODO architecture, components, and protocols. Thereby, a complete details of FRODO functional, security properties are provided, showing its effectiveness and viability.

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