A Parallel Network File System Protocol(Pnfs)

Lokesh Guvvimaani, N.B.S. Vijay Kumar, A. Sandhya Rani


The problem is motivated by the proliferation of large-scale distributed file systems supporting parallel access to more than one storage devices i.e. to the multiple devices. Our work mainly focuses on the current Internet standard for such file systems, i.e. the parallel Network File System. This makes use of Kerberos for establishing the parallel session keys between the clients and the storage devices. Our analysis about the existing Kerberos-based protocol displays that it has a number of limitations. In this paper, we are trying to propose a variety of authenticated key exchange protocols which are designed to address the issues which were faced by the existing system. We show that our protocols are efficient to handle the reducing up to approximately of the workload of the metadata server and concurrently supporting forward secrecy and escrow-freeness. Only a small fraction of increased computation overhead at the client is what all required.

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