Comparative Study Of LTV Channel for Mitigation of ICI with respect to LTI Channel under Different Condition in OFDM

Srikanth B, Naveen Kumar G S


The technology and the implementation of digital systems have increased the data rate to unmatched levels to convey the information between two entities, the architectural model of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has come up innovative orthogonality principle to meet the requirements with high data rates. The OFDM too suffers from drawbacks and the most underrated problem which has a huge impact on the overall system performance is the time varying channel usage, its usage can can introduce inter carrier interference (ICI). The ICI is the resultant outcome of the loss of orthogonality in OFDM and the usage of the time varying channels is the reason behind it.  The proposed method introduced the linear time varying channels in place of traditional time varying channels to fetch low complexity while the traditional time varying channels records high complexity which makes them unused in real time. The complexity level has reached to OK3 to OK which makes the proposed method to yield better results than the state-of-art methods in terms of both performance and accuracy, the proposed method reduces the ICI to unprecedented levels and in experimental results its been proved. 

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