Optimizing Networking Lifetime and Improving Security for Wireless Sensor Network through an Efficient Routing Protocol

N. Mahesh, K.Maheshwari Devi, K. Ashok Babu


In wireless sensor networks, we have two major challenges such as network lifetime optimization and another is security. Traditional networking protocols are cannot provide the complete security for the nodes in the network. The existing protocols are suffering from network lifetime problem which means no protocol can control the energy levels of the network nodes. While routing, if any node may loss energy levels then the network failures may occurred as well as data loss also occurred. Through this high energy consumption, the packet delivery ratio also reduced. And in this paper, we focused on traceback attacks on the wireless sensor networks. To overcome these conflicting issues, we propose an energy efficient and Cost-Aware SEcure Routing (CASER) protocol. By using this protocol, we can optimize the network lifetime and also we can improve the network security in wireless sensor networks. The simulations are performed on the NS2 simulator. Through the simulation, we can prove that our proposed protocol is energy efficient and secure protocol.

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