Utilization of Embedded Metal Nanostructures for Solar Cells

A Shyam Sunder, Gaddam Srikanth


Thin island metal movies inserted in the p-n semiconductor intersection of a photovoltaic structure empower altogether change their effectiveness. A sort of metal characterizes this change. In this work we display our consequences of test trials of creation photovoltaic heterostructures ITO/C-Si with thin metal movies installed into the semiconductor intersection. We connected such metals as gold and silver which can show up the restricted surface plasmon reverberation impacts, when the islet measurements are a few nanometers. We found that the gold nanoparticle fundamentally enhances the photovoltaic change productivity when the silver nanoparticles keep the photocurrent age. Created photograph control in the specimens with implanted gold island films was more to around 10 times than without this interlayer. All metal island movies and ITO producer films were readied utilizing low-weight triode dc sputtering framework.

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