Power Quality Improvement with Fuzzy Based Dstatcom Supported Induction Generator



The DC-link voltage of VSC used as DSTATCOM is regulated by the SMC which suppresses undershoots and overshoots in the DC-link voltage. This paper presents an implementation of sliding mode controller (SMC) along with a Fuzzy controller for a DSTATCOM (Distribution Static Compensator) for improving current induced power quality issues and voltage regulation of three-phase self-excited induction generator (SEIG). DSTATCOM is a shunt-connected custom power device specially designed for power factor correction, current harmonics filtering and load balancing. It can also be used for voltage regulation at a distribution bus. It is often referred to as a shunt or parallel active power filter. Here we are using the fuzzy controller compared to other controllers i.e. The fuzzy controller is the most suitable for the human decision-making mechanism, providing the operation of an electronic system with decisions of experts. The use of SMC for regulating the DC link voltage of DSTATCOM offers various advantages such as reduction in number of sensors for estimating reference currents and the stable DC link voltage during transient conditions. The SMC algorithm is successfully implemented on a DSTATCOM employed with a three-phase SEIG feeding single phase or three phase loads. In addition, using the fuzzy controller for a nonlinear system allows for a reduction of uncertain effects in the system control and improve the efficiency. 

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