Comparison of Spatial Reusability-Aware Single-Path Routing and Spatial Reusability-Aware Any Path Routing In Multi-Hop Wireless Networks

Phani Raja. I


In this paper, we contend that via precisely considering spatial reusability of the remote correspondence media, we can immensely enhance the conclusion to-end throughput in multi-jump remote systems. To help our contention, we propose spatial reusability-mindful single-way steering (SASR) and any way directing (SAAR) conventions, and contrast them and existing single-way directing and any way steering conventions, separately. Our assessment comes about demonstrate that our conventions altogether enhance the conclusion to-end throughput contrasted and existing conventions. In particular, for single-way directing, the throughput pick up will be up to 2.9x; for any way steering, the throughput pick up will be up to 62.7.



Underwater sensor networks, opportunistic routing, delay sensitive, energy cost.

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