Detection of Notch2, Kcnq1 and Mtnr1b Variant Genes in Risk Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Boodida Chandragiri, K Anjaneyulu


Diabetes mellitus (DM), often simply referred to as, is a group of metabolic diseases that is characterized by a chronically elevated serum glucose level. T2DM is a metabolic disorder, characterized by persistent hyperglycemia, recent polymorphism studies have shown that several genes are related to T2DM and GDM. Therefore, our study was aimed at the identification of genes, role of KCNQ1, NOTCH2 and MTNR1B genes polymorphisms associated with T2DM and the risk of T2DM in our population. We have carried out a case control study including 40patients with T2DM, 40 control subjects. The isolation of genomic DNA from EDTA-blood samples were carried out followed by PCR-direct sequencing analysis The results of the present study reveal that three single nucleotide polymorphisms (KCNQ1, NOTCH2 and MTNR1B genes, respectively) are associated with both T2DM. The results of our study suggest a role of KCNQ1 and notch2 gene variants in the increased risk of T2DM in south Indian population.

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