Design of a remote sensing and security application based spy robot for smart surveillance system

K.R Anusha Hinduja, D. Shirisha


Due to increase the terrorist activities throughout the world, it is very important to control and monitor their activities and quickly execute the required plan accordingly. This paper presents a smart Global Positioning System (GPS) based surveillance robotic system using Raspberry Pi for security application and remote sensing. This robotic system is fully controlled wirelessly via internet web browser and android apps. A camera is attached with a gripper, so that it can view the surrounding environment and disposed the object under consideration. An ultrasonic sensor and GPS module is attached with it which helps in measuring the distance and tracking the location continuously. The whole system is implemented on raspberry pi 3 which has Linux OS and the python language is used to write a program of the various peripherals of this robotic system. Video surveillance is the process of monitoring a situation, an area or a person. This generally occurs in a military scenario where surveillance of borderlines and enemy territory is essential to a country’s safety. Human surveillance is achieved by deploying personnel near sensitive areas in order to constantly monitor for changes. But humans do have their limitations, and deployment in inaccessible places is not always possible. There are also added risks of losing personnel in the event of getting caught by the enemy. With advances in technology over the years, it is possible to remotely monitor areas of importance by using robots in place of humans.

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