Adhar Based Electronic Voting Machine Using GSM and LPC 2148 Controller

Kotipalli Babitha, S.S.V. Kiranmayi


Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is a device that is used to count ballot  votes instead of doing it manually using human resource to record and count votes. The many problems associated with manual counting of votes that it laborious, erroneous and time consuming. This makes the entire system very inefficient. As voting is a sensitive issue, mismanagement can lead to issues as large and complicated as political unrest. The debilitating effect that political unrest can eventually lead to needs no describing. Bangladesh, being a developing nation cannot afford to be held up in its economic development due to mis-management in elections. On the other hand, for a power starved nation like Bangladesh, the gap between demand and supply of electricity remains large. A good majority of the people are deprived of this basic facility.


 Over dependency on electronic devices for sensitive purposes might not seem like a viable option either. A adhar based EVM addresses all the above concerns. This paper discusses in detail the design of adhar based EVM prototype with GSM which is efficient and allows the user a relief from the laborious act of vote collection, counting and security. Furthermore, it also removes the errors from the system, since it is a digital device. One of the biggest concerns of EVM is the security system which includes insider threats, network vulnerability and challenges to auditing. To limit these issues the prototype has been developed with a three stage security encryption.

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