Sustainable Development in India

Neelam Sindhu


 India has been witnessing a blinding pace of growth and development in recent times. Experts are now calling for “sustainable development” and the term has gained momentum in the last few years. Almost all economies of the world are actively engaged in their economic progress. Economic advancement is a must for underdeveloped countries because in it lies the solution of the problems like poverty, unemployment, backwardness and low standard of living. It is also equally important for developed countries because by it they intend to maintain the level of their existing prosperity for a long period. Over the last twenty years the new concept was put forth for the development of country that is "Sustainable Development". It means that real income or production and economic welfare of an economy should increase in such a manner as to maintain environmental conservation and quality of life and as a result of which present and future generations may enjoy maximum net advantage. The present paper focus on the need and the various indicators of sustainable development.

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