Analysis and Design of CFD Simulation on Ceramic Heat Exchanger

Marri Raviteja


There is a potential interest for warm exchangers equipped for supporting working temperatures well over 900°C. A wide range of concentrates in the writing consider these parts as basic for the usage of remotely let go gas turbines (EFGT) and remotely let go joined cycles (EFCC). It is sound judgment that earthenware production are the main option for the development of these warmth exchangers, however most piece of the writing about warmth exchangers more often than not thinks about just metallic materials for its development. Thusly, the plan of earthenware warm exchangers isn't minor and speaks to a genuine specialized test. Also, extraordinary warmth exchange modes are available all the while and as we as a whole realize that the geometry of warmth exchanger chooses the adequacy of warmth exchanger, two geometries are thought about and examined in this work. As a stage toward this path, the present work displays the plan of a clay warm exchanger utilizing CFD and limited component auxiliary reenactments. The warmth exchanger outlined shows little measurements so as to make it less demanding to build a model and test it later on.



Ceramic heat exchanger, EFGT, EFCC.

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