Design and Analysis of NPC Based Multi Level Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive

Madaram Vikram Goud


Symphonious decrease in inverters nourished from an independent PV framework is as of now getting to be plainly vital in acceptance engine applications. This paper concentrates on the outline and investigation NPC based multi level inverter bolstered acceptance engine drive. In this idea three, nine and fifteen level multi level inverters are outlined and investigated to decrease the aggregate consonant mutilation of the proposed framework. A rearranged Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) technique for a multilevel inverter that provided an acceptance engine is produced. The controller conditions are with the end goal that the SPWM beats are created consequently for any number of levels. A correlation investigation of the aggregate symphonious twisting diminishment with the above proposed NPC multi level inverter with Cascaded-H-connect multi level inverter is finished. Further, the paper endeavors to demonstrate that the utilization of Cascaded-H-connect multi level inverter with an independent PV framework can profoundly enhance the execution of the Induction engine. Results are confirmed utilizing reenactments in MATLAB-SIMULINK condition.


Induction Motor, Multilevel Inverter, Energy Management, PV Battery, Multilevel SPWM, THD.

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