Design and Vibration Analysis of Grinding Wheel Attachment on Lathe Machine

Gummadi Phaneendra kumar


    Grinding operation is performed to obtain a fine surface finish after performing turning operation on lathe machine for cylindrical jobs. This is done to obtain required dimensions of part to be used in any assembly. Thus to perform these two operations on same machine the attachment is designed. This work describes an attempt to decrease the time in loading and unloading of works piece with desired surface finish. And also decreases machine cost this modelling and assembly is done with the help of computer aided software catia with the standard measurements. The report describes the selection of wheel for grinding. It also considers the rigidity of design, damping of vibration due to motor speed and structural analysis of critical parts of design of grinding and lathe machine tools which is analyzed on ansys software and compared with results. The results are obtained in form of tolerance limits which are compared with results of individual grinding machine operation on lathe machine and the conclusion are stated.




Grinding, lathe machine, catia design, structural analysis, model analysis , ansys.

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