Modelling and Analysis of Transverse Leaf Spring under the Static Load Condition by using FEA

Bairapaka Ravi


Transverse leaf spring and solid axle front suspension and automotive leaf spring is the main load carrier and energy absorbing component in a vehicle. In today’s modern world, suspension is considered as a luxury and safe travel issue. Keeping all these constrains in consideration, strong and light weight material and new designs low maintenance should be used for leaf spring design. Composite material would help reducing weight and improve fuel consumption without sacrificing the safety of the vehicle. Modification in the existing leaf spring design and material selection should be done at every stage of the analysis depending upon the simulation results for the safe design. In the present study, leaf spring has been designed using mechanical catia design software and analyzed using a finite element analysis (FEA) programme ANSYS, with different material stainless steel, titanium, plain carbon steel properties. Results of shear stress, shear strain, deformation von mises stress and weight obtained from ANSYS has been taken into consideration in this study for final conclusion.



Transverse leaf spring, composite material, catia , load analysis, FE analysis. plain carbon steel, spring steel, and stainless steel, copper alloy, titanium.

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