Control of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Using Both Fuzzy and Ann Controller for Constant Power Generation



In this project we are implementing an improved control strategy  such as the incremental method of the maximum  power which is feed to the  PV systems with ANFIS controller which is combination of fuzzy  and ann controller which is  proposed to make sure about the  smooth and fast transition between  Constant Power Generation (CPG) and maximum power point tracking ,and also  by  the proposed control strategy we can  always achieved the  stable operation, Regardless of the solar irradiance levels and high-performance. Which  can  be  regulate  by the PV output power according to any set-point, and it also force the PV systems to operate at the left side of the maximum power point without  any stability problems. Here we are using the ANFIS controller comparing the other controller because of the better performance . Neuro-fuzzy is a combination of ANN and fuzzy logic. By comparing all these techniques, the neuro-fuzzy controller is the lot of advantages; i.e the normalized error obtained from neuro fuzzy logic was lower.  By using the ANFIS controller we get the better performance and also for the reduction of uncertain effects in the system control and improves the efficiency. Simulation results have been verified in the effectiveness manner by using the proposed CPG control in terms of high accuracy, stable transitions, and fast dynamics.  

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