Quit India Movement- A Study

Ms. Manisha


The Quit India movement saw the yearning of freedom flow through every Indian’s blood, making it a massive movement of mass participation. The country was more determined than ever to “do or die” in the case of India’s freedom. The movement ignited the spirit of freedom like never before and spread throughout the country like wild fire affecting each Indian heart. Gandhiji gave his first public expression to the theory which was to crystallize into his ‘Quit India’ movement, in the article published on 26 the April, 1942, “Whatever the consequences, therefore to India, her real safety and Britain’s too lie in orderly and timely British withdrawal from India.” Once the idea was born, it gripped Gandhiji completely and he started devoting all this time to the elucidation and justification of his formula which soon became famous as the “Quit India” demand.



British Rule, Evacuation, Masses, Movement, Resolution, Struggle

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