Theory and Applications of High Temperature Superconductor

Mahesh Chander Mishra


Since the discovery of superconductivity which is the physics of cooper pairs, fundamental research has strived to develop an understanding the physics behind this fascinating phenomenon. In the years that followed, numerous other superconductors and a set of unique properties were found and these properties distinguished superconductors from being other than perfect conductors. Superconductivity is being applied to many diverse areas such as: Military, Transportation, Medicine, Power production, Electronics, theoretical, experimental science, as well as in the other areas. After discovery of high temperature superconductors which can operate at liquid nitrogen temperature (77 K), superconductivity, is now available at much lower cost. Many stunning discoveries have been carried out like superconductivity in iron based materials and still now the journey towards room temperature is continued. This paper discusses the history, physics of superconductivity, applications, motivation and review of literatures.

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