A New Fuzzy Based Energy Management System with Storage

B. Maneesha, Kothuri Ramakrishna


Nowadays, energy management system is most important. Power electronics based energy management system used in this paper. This paper demonstrates the functionality of a power electronics based energy management system (EMS).The EMS includes batteries and a digitally controlled single-phase voltage source inverter (VSI), which can be controlled as a current source or a voltage source depending on the status of the ac grid and the user’s preference. In this project we are using the fuzzy controller compared to other controllers i.e. The fuzzy controller is the most suitable for the human decision-making mechanism, providing the operation of an electronic system with decisions of experts.   The main Objectives of the system is 1) Peak shaving by tapping the energy storage system during high power demand. 2) Islanding or standalone mode of operation when the main AC grid is no longer available. The EMS guarantees that the critical loads are powered when the ac grid fails; in which case, the VSI is controlled as a voltage source. By using the fuzzy controller for a nonlinear system allows for a reduction of uncertain effects in the system control and improve the efficiency. The electricity cost savings accomplished by peak shaving are estimated.

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