A Novel Data Hiding in Color Images and Videos by Lossless and Reversible Techniques in Encrypted Domain with Public Key Cryptography

Virendra Kumar, Swati Verma


The data embedded and extracted must be same for better data hiding technique. There should not be any loss and the security level should be high. Probabilistic and homomorphic properties based method is proposed for cryptography in encrypted domain using an integrated technique of two techniques as reversible and lossless. In this implementation mainly focus on the adding huge amount of data in image compared to existing state of art techniques. In the lossless scheme, the cipher text pixels are replaced with new values to embed the additional data into several LSB-planes of cipher text pixels by multi-layer wet paper coding. This implementation gives embedded data may be encrypted domain, and the data embedding operation does not affect the decryption of original plaintext image. As there is addition of data two times there is more data addition takes place. As well as the image contains of the embedded data image should not vary.So; finally some parameters are calculated to know the embedding capacity and robustness of the system. In the reversible scheme, a preprocessing is employed to shrink the image histogram before image encryption, so that the modification on encrypted images for data embedding will not cause any pixel oversaturation in plaintext domain. Although a slight distortion is introduced, the embedded data can be extracted and the original image cans be recovered from the directly decrypted image. Due to the compatibility between the lossless and reversible schemes, the data embedding operations in the two manners can be simultaneously performed in an encrypted image. With the combined technique, a receiver may extract a part of embedded data before decryption, and extract another part of embedded data and recover the original plaintext image after decryption. Finally; there is application of the same embedding and extraction process for video as an extension method.

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