Evaluation of Requirements for Volt or Var Control for Active Distribution Networks by Incorporating Distributed Generation

E Kalyana Chakravarthy, M Ramasekhara Reddy


An integration of distribution generation system with the voltage source converter proposed in this paper for reactive power support in active distribution networks. The DG management systems integrated with decentralized parts of the Volt/VAR management system. The solution is designed to address issues connected to increased DG penetration, while at the same time avoiding the technical challenges and high costs related to state-of-the-art model-based Volt/VAR management. Coordination of DGs with conventional voltage regulation equipment is based on predefined control hierarchies. For reducing requirements for data handling capacity, the distribution grid is divided into zones with individual voltage regulation and reactive support schemes. To add flexibility and scalability, these zones can be combined into larger zones with a common Volt/VAR management scheme. From the simulation results indicate that the control strategy successfully restore voltage to within the limits even at the abnormal conditions. Adaptive zoning effectively reduces circuit design complexity and requirements for data handling capability, while still ensuring a grid-wide solution.



Active distribution network, distributed generation (DG), reactive power support, Volt/VAR management system, voltage source converter (VSC).

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