The economics of Bullet Train in India

Anjali Yadav


Bullet Train or High Speed Rail (HSR) are now the symbol of pride and prestige for the nations. India has always a dream of having such networks since 2009 but Budget was always a constraint for it as these projects are highly capital intensive. Recently Japan has offered Loan for starting bullet train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Which many people feel, is financially and economically inviable. In this paper, the need and the economics of the announced Bullet train project has been discussed. 



  • To find why we need a High Speed Rail
  • To test is the bullet train project between Mumbai to Ahmedabad is financially viable

Research Methodology

Being an explanatory research it is based on secondary data newspaper and articles considering the objective of study descriptive type research design is adopted. The analysis is performed by the author on the available data.

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