IOT Based Multiple Motion Control System of Robotic Car

Nenavath . Venkatesh, Bunga Kishore Kumar


The world of control is an exciting field that has exploded with new technologies where the Internet of Things (IoT) vision becomes reality. This paper proposes a multiple motion controlling mechanism of a robotic car using Raspberry Pi which works as master and Arduino UNO which works as slave. Each device is uniquely identifiable by the controlling software which is the core concept of IoT. Client manages the activities of the car from remote or distant places over the internet by voice commands and Universal Windows Application and also able to get data and feedback. The main contribution of this paper is that it leverages the efficiency of robot’s motion controlling system because robotic car can receive direct commands at a time from multiple sources which make the maneuvering system more efficient. Both device and client do not need to be online at the same time. Commands and data are stored in cloud service which delivers them when the device is ready to receive. A GPS system is incorporated thus clients can trace the car. The system has ultrasonic distance sensor for avoiding obstacles coming in between its path. We present the architecture and design of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino communication software and illustrate how to control the car by means of commands and application.

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