Design of T-Beam Rail-Over Bridge

Pokala Adithya, T. Ajith


Beam and slab bridges are the most common form concrete bridge in today. They have the virtue of simplicity, economy, wide availability of the standard sections, and speed of erection. The present beams are placed on the supporting piers or abutments, usually on rubber bearings which are maintenance free. In this project study on design of long span decks, foundation, design of Girders, beams, resistance of vibration in bridge span sections, and difference between RCC girders and heavy steel girders, composite bridge decks, structural analysis of concrete bridges, The Bridge which is in disstress is a R.C. beam- slab type in all spans of the bridge except in one span i.e., railway portion which is of Box girder type. The super structure is divided into two parts independently and each part consists of three girders with deck slab, simply supported on common R.C pier / Abutment.

              This project includes causes and identification of failures and defects in concrete structures. Techniques for repairs and rehabilitation of concrete structure (bridge).Some of the techniques are epoxy resins, polymer concrete composites and corrosion proof epoxy painting.

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