A Novel Reduced Common-Mode Current Using Single-Phase Multi Level Transformer Less Pv Inverter

A Vinod Kumar, N Triveni, M.S.M. Gavaskar


The Multi-Level inverters are utilized in high power and medium voltage applications. These are acquiring much attention due to various advantages such as common mode voltage, operation at both fundamental and high switching frequency, drawing input current with low distortion, reduced harmonic distortions. A critical issues and challenges existed in this system are to suppress the ground leakage current, which is harmful to the human with additional ground currents flowing via resonant circuit parameters of the system. In this paper a novel topology is proposed with multilevel output voltage by utilizing modified sinusoidal multi-carrier based PWM technique for control the inverter. Moreover, consider a super junction MOSFETS as main power switches. The key features of the proposed topology are follows with no reverse recovery issues, operating with high efficiency, low ground current and current distortion is achieved. Hence, the proposed topology and its performance evaluation are demonstrated by the simulation results.

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