Design of Optimized Memory in Neuromorphic Vlsi Chip

A. Pradeep Kumar, Yashpal Singh


Brain has reliable and robust for many cognitive and meta-cognitive functions with a minimum amount of power consumption on the order of 25W (Lui et al., 2011; Zhang et al., 2000). Scientists are putting all their brain to understanding the mysterious ways of information processing in the 1.5Kg wet-ware (JENKINS and TRUEX, 1963; Spann and Dustmann, 1965) . Human brain is the subject matter due to its evolved neocortex as compared to other species(Lui et al., 2011). One straight forward method to understand brain functionality is to create one.There has been many Bio-inspired approaches to imitate human cognition (Fasel, 2003), but that uses existing engineering products to mimic some of the behaviors of biological systems. There lies a huge gap between existing computing systems and their biological counterparts.



Brain,Cognitive,Non Cognitive, bio inspired,biological systems

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