Resisting Statistical Attacks, Phantom Terms On Cloud Environment

G. Thirupathi, Mrs. Himnshu


We put forward a secure search method which is based on the tree above encrypted cloud information, and it manages multi-keyword search as well as dynamic process on collection of documents. Many works were proposed in various models of threat to attain various functionalities for search such as single keyword search, multi-keyword ranked search, and so on.  Among these works, multi-keyword technique of ranked search has received more importance for its realistic applicability.  Because of important structure of tree-based index, projected search system will effectively get sub-linear search time and manage the process of deletion as well as insertion of documents. For obtaining of high search effectiveness, we build a tree-based index structure and propose an algorithm on the basis of the index tree. The projected scheme is considered to present multi-keyword query as well as precise result ranking, in addition dynamic update above document collections.




Multi-keyword ranked search, Tree-based index, Sub-linear search.

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