Digitalization of Library Using Data warehousing and Data Mining

Gagan Madaan, Chahat Monga


(DWing) and Data Mining (Dmining) Techniques. This will help the Students and Teachers in their studies and researches,once the data available on the internet is already filtered by the Data Mining techniques on the subject they need to study We propose components of the Data Warehousing architecture on which Data Mining techniques can be applied. The Data Warehouse will be like a Central Library and the Data Marts like Department Libraries. The access of the Digital documents by students will be made through OLAP (On- Line Analytical Processing) techniques based on the Uniform catalog. We also discuss how to integrate Data repositories through their metadata in a uniform Catalog and resolve the issues include in the Digitalization of library using DWing and Dmining Techniques.




E-Learning, Digital Data Library, Data Warehouse, Data Mining.

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