The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 of India- 31 Years of Enactment: A Critical Study

Anil Balhera


Consumerism in India starts in 1970, as the literacy level increase as well as industrialization is also increase in the same period and stiff competition is started, due to stiff competition in the market seller are using unfair marketing practices and customer are mislead with false claim through advertisements. So customer agitation starts, to save the interest of the customer Govt. of India enacted two major laws one is MRTP Act, 1969 and another is Consumer Protection Act, 1986. In 2013 MRTP Act, 1969 was replaced with Commission Competition Act, 2013 to make Indian Companies more competitive. After enactment of consumer protection Act, 1986 the vacuum in law fulfilled with respect to any specific law for settlement of consumer disputes. This Act provides three- tire redressal machinery for speedy settlement of consumer dispute. In this context we can see the achievements of this Act and we can also assess the area of where improvement is required. For this study available literature in Indian context has been surveyed, and opinion is formed. On going to this study many facts revealed about the consumer protection and awareness. One side some facts are on positive note about the provisions of consumer protection Act, 1986 and its implementation, which are keep in the category of achievement of the Act, while on the other side there are some facts revealed for which some corrective action is needed for the betterment of the consumerism, these facts can be categorized as challenges.

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