A Comparative Study of Role Played By Women in Medieval India to That of Modern India

Dr. Parveen Mann


The role of women in medieval vs modern hasn't changed drastically owing to the changing of social structures that have taken a regressive stance. The presence is felt purely based on economic conditions of the period. An analysis of both times shows a regressive attitude based on assumption of ability was shown in tasks oriented with women to maximize capital. The agricultural technology was rain-fed and very labour intensive. Hence, the women also worked shoulder to shoulder along with the men, While the men ploughed and tilled the fields, women were involved in sowing, reaping the harvest, etc. Also, women were employed as artisans in producing specialized handicraft for trade and export. In modern India, women compete with men for jobs and are seen as equal contributors for the economy. However, social evils like dowry have encompassed all classes and are a major source of harassment and discrimination for women. Also, sexual violence over women has increased in the current times, as an aggressive reaction from sections of men to stunt the rise of women

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