Senior High School Readiness among Secondary Schools of San Miguel District

Levi O. Cuenca, Rudy F. Daling


The study examined the level of Senior High School Readiness among Secondary Schools of San Miguel District. It covered the level of readiness as to training of teachers, teachers’ qualification, facilities, stakeholders’ support, SHS tracks, and preference of students. Both correlation and descriptive research design was applied. Data were treated through weighted mean to determine the level of readiness, and Pearson correlation to determine the significant relationship between the perceptions on extent of readiness on the implementation of the Senior High School. Support Budget for the needs of SHS implementations is least ready and evidently seen in the result of facilities being not ready, insufficient laboratories and classrooms though potential and buildable space is evident; Stakeholders have understood and accepted SHS as it describes moderately ready, somehow linkages to NGO, LGU must be intensified; and there is a significant relationship between the students’ performance in the three (3) tracks and the senior high school implementation variables which depicted the over-all result as least ready. Thus, collaboration of government and non-government agencies is in need to address


the support for full implementation of senior high school that requires funds.

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