Right To Life Concept Under Indian Legal System: An Overview

Anil Balhera


The Individual cannot attain the highest in him unless he is in possession of certain right and liberties which leave him as it were to breathe and expand. Freedom is necessary to-man as bread and air. The concept of human rights got lost on its way in the dark and narrow alleys of the middle ages. In the Medieval period of the philosophical and ideal speculation, were replaced by new idea of chivalry, war and others heroic traditions which led to confusion and uncertainty. The right to life guaranteed under Article 21 should therefore be interpreted to incorporate at least the minimal conditions for an autonomous life, including an adequate range of options. Some of these conditions are detailed in Part IV of the Constitution which is necessarily to be read along with Part III or more importantly under Article 21 to make it more meaningful. Those conditions are the instance of collective goods which are the possible foundations of autonomy of individual.

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