Manual Scavenging Evil in India: A need of Plethora of Reforms

Anil Balhera


Manual scavenging is an occupation which has been in continuation since the human civilization and its compartmentalization into Varna system in India. The inhuman practice of manually removing night soil which involves removal of human excreta from dry toilets with bare hands, brooms or metal scrappers; carrying excreta and baskets to dumping sites, is not only diabolic but perhaps the utmost degree of human rights violation. Manual scavenger is class person which is often ignored when it comes to protection of human rights, civil rights or fundamental rights granted under Constitution of India. These are the people who suffer from deadly diseases, live a very inhuman life and criticized the most for their lifestyle.

 This research paper will discuss the condition of manual scavengers and laws related to employment of manual scavengers and their standard of health.

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