implementation of rescue robot using iOt to detect ambient situations in coalmines

Kothapally Ajay Kumar, B Raveendra Nadh


Now a day’s rescue operation in coal mine was treated as a dangerous task. Even if any explosion occurs it can’t be easily known to the inside labours. After explosion occur when rescue workers get into the mine without knowing the environmental condition. The environmental parameters such as toxic gases, high temperature, methane leakage, oxygen are sensed by using sensors and the sensed data are transmitted to the control room through Wi-Fi. Hence this paper aims to design a coal mine detect and rescue robot using raspberry pi3 model. The robot has a camera that transmits live video signal to the control room. If the temperature exceeds a threshold value then it provides a cooling fan is automatically ON and if any gas leakage is detected the workers are given an alert through a Buzzer. The robot is controlled using navigation buttons in the webpage and it consists of sensor data, live video and buzzer alert. With the help of this robot, it is possible to reduce the loss due to coal mine disaster and efficient rescue operation can be carried out.

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