Design and implementation of IOT based Industrial monitoring and controlling system

S. Mounika, B.Deepika Rathod, K.Ashok Babu


Now-a-days the accidents in the coal mine industries have increased. Even if any explosion occurs it can’t be easily known to the laborers and it may cause accidents. So in order to avoid this, a robot has been designed and this robot is allowed to monitor the ambient situations inside the coal mine industry. Some of the environmental parameters such as gas leakage, temperature, fire are sensed by using the high end sensors and the sensed data are transmitted to the mobile phone or webpage through Wi-Fi. A static ip address is configured in the microprocessor for the Wi-Fi. The robot has a camera that transmits image to webpage  for monitoring the status of the coal. If the temperature exceeds a threshold, the cooling fan is automatically set to ON and if any gas leakage is detected the workers are given alert through a buzzer. The robot is designed using a Raspberry Pi 3 board.

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